Blood drive pleases


Anyone could benefit from the donation made by Hayley Stevenson in Gore last Wednesday.

Like 9% of the population, she has an O- blood type, the only blood type that anybody can use.

She gave the New Zealand Blood Service a top-up of this helpful blood type during a drive at the Heartland Hotel Croydon.

Never having donated blood before, she was keen to lend her support.

“I just always wanted to help out and give blood,

“I just finished my shift and came straight along.”

Co-ordinator Amber Stewart said the two-day blood drive had a good turnout.

“We had about 100 donors through on Tuesday,” Miss Stewart said.

Wednesday was not quite as busy but they still had more than 60 people, including both pre-booked and walk-ins.

“We welcome all donors.”

Most people gave the standard 470ml of blood, she said.

“We’re really pleased with how it’s gone. There’s always a need for blood donors.”

One donation could save the lives of three people, she said.

The drive was in the hands of a team who had travelled down from Christchurch.

“This is our first time in Gore.”

The town might become an annual destination for them, she said.

The donated blood would be processed in Christchurch and from there could go anywhere in the country.

“Thank you so much for the great response. We’ll hopefully be back soon.”