Book sale on once Level 1 arrives

en15Booksale.Jpg Ready to go...Gore Pakeke Lions Club book sale convener Douglas Dixey is well-organised for the club’s annual sale which will go ahead when the Delta Level changes to one. PHOTO:SANDY EGGLESTON

Preparations for the Gore Pakeke Lions Club’s annual second-hand book sale are well under way, but when it will be held is still uncertain.

The sale is usually held in August but last year was held in September due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Book sale convener Douglas Dixey said the book sale could not be held until the alert level was down to 1.

“Opening night we get up to 200 turn up, so we can’t do it,” Mr Dixey said.

The Hokonui Pavilion, where the sale was held, was available for the club to use throughout October so the event would go ahead once the region was in Level 1.

“We need a week beforehand so we can set up.”

One of the last jobs left to do was sorting through 30 boxes of children’s books to make sure they were of good enough quality for the sale.

There was a great selection of items for the sale, including magazines, puzzles, DVDs and CDs.

All were in good condition.

Now there was a market for used paper any books which were not in good enough condition to sell could be recycled, he said.

If people still had items they wanted to give to the sale they needed to drop them off at the recycling factory in Hokonui Dr by the weekend.