Boys hooked on trout fishing


Two buddies have been braving all weather to make the most of the start of the fishing season and the school holidays.

St Peter’s College pupils Nicholas Roy and Albert Dennison (both 15) have been walking the banks of the Mataura and Waikaia rivers since fishing season opened on Tuesday.

Nicholas said Wednesday’s weather conditions were not very pleasant out on the river.

“We probably shouldn’t have gone. The weather was quite average. Very bad.

“We had to shelter in the trees because it was hailing,” Nicholas said.

The wind made it difficult to cast the line out.

“The wind really annoys me.

“I can fish in rain but not wind because it throws your lure into the trees and makes the water really rippled so you can’t see what your lure’s doing. The fish get spooked in the wind as well.”

For all that, the boys still managed to catch a fish each that day.

Both boys said the part they enjoyed about the sport was landing the fish and then letting it go.

“[There] is the thrill of catching them and holding them but there’s also the thrill of letting them go,” Nicholas said.

“[I like] exploring the river, going places you’ve never really been before.

“It feels really good when you’ve got a fish on the line . it’s real satisfying,” Albert said.

The boys are relatively new to the sport and had similar reasons for taking it up.

“I’ve been doing it for two years . ’cause my mates were doing it and they would tell me stories at school and it sounded like fun,” Nicholas said.

Albert has been fishing for about a year, after Nicholas got him involved in it.bridge mediaAIR MAX PLUS