Going ... Abernethy Contracting workers demolish the building on the corner of Main St and Bowler Ave where S'cape Hair and Day Spa was the last tenant. PHOTO:SANDY EGGLESTON

It is likely tens of thousands of dollars will be spent in demolishing one of Gore’s older commercial buildings.

The knocking down of the building on the corner of Main St and Bowler Ave began at the weekend.

The site is owned by Peter and Lee-anne Cooper.

Mr Cooper said he bought the building from Dr Jack Phillips, of the United States, in October 2018.

“He probably spent 60 to 80 grand getting a resource consent to knock it down.”

Mr Cooper said it was costing him another $20,000 to $30,000 for Heritage New Zealand reports and building consents to demolish it.

This did not include the cost of the demolition.

“That’s just the paperwork.”

on the site but had not applied for a building consent yet for “just a single-level, retail-cum-shop”.

“We do have a tenant lined up”, he said.

Mr Cooper commissioned New Zealand Heritage Properties Ltd to complete an archeological assessment of the site.

“If they are older than [a building date of ] 1900 you have to get a historic places [Heritage New Zealand] consent to knock it down.”

The assessment report states the building is listed in the Gore district plan as the former National Mortgage building.

“The first evidence for occupation on the site are August 1883 advertisements for Grant’s Buildings with one space occupied by Mrs Knowles Refreshment Rooms (Mataura Ensign, 1883a),” the report stated.

The building had undergone several major alterations since its construction in the early 1880s.

“The building was used by a variety of commercial tenants including refreshment rooms, dentists, doctors, mortgage agents and ironmongers,” the report said.

After the Christchurch earthquake in 2011 contractors removed the chimneys from the building.

S’cape Hair and Day Spa were the last tenants in the building and they moved out in 2012.Buy KicksSneakers