Meat on wheels . . . Mataura Butcher Shop owner Chris Duffy packs an order for a customer ready for the free delivery service the business is offering to the end of Covid-19 Alert Level 2. PHOTO: SANDY EGGLESTON

Mataura Butcher Shop owner Chris Duffy is going the extra mile in more ways than one to help his customers.

Mr Duffy said while the butcher shop was shut to customers, he had been making free deliveries covering a distance from Invercargill to Moa Flat.

“We’re just going anywhere and everywhere,” Mr Duffy said.

“We haven’t refused a delivery to anyone yet.”

Customers could order meat by telephone or through the shop’s social networking site.

He believed it was important to be proactive and find ways to trade.

“We could have sat on our hands and waited for everything to finish.”

The service also meant people did not have to shop for meat.

“The more people we deliver to the more people are staying in their own bubble.”

While delivering meat brought income into the shop it was “only softening the blow”.

“It’s not making ends meet.”

Initially the shop was completely shut for about a week before Mr Duffy received word the business could deliver meat.

Then the orders came in thick and fast.

“The first week we could not keep up.”

The business had always made free delivers to Gore and Mataura but to places further afield usually passed the cost of the courier on to the customer.

Feedback from customers had made the venture worthwhile.

“The feedback from customers has been phenomenal.

“Everyone whose got stuff absolutely loves it.”

He was hoping the new customers would continue to support the business.

“Hopefully they will like what they are getting and carry on using us once the lockdown’s finished.”

The free deliveries would continue until the end of Alert Level 2 “just as a thank you to those who supported us when we needed it the most”.

The business qualified for the Government’s wage subsidy.

“We wouldn’t have survived without that.”

Most of the other costs associated with the business still needed to be paid.

“All our overheads are the same.”Nike shoesVSCT Clubwear Herren Jogginghose MC Nylon Striped in orange 767719