Bye-bye bollards

No right turn.. It was decided at a Gore District Council meeting last week the orange bollards preventing vehicles from turning right from Eccles St onto Main St will be removed within a fort night. PHOTO: SANDY EGGLESTON

Vehicles will soon be able to turn right at the end of Eccles St on to Gore’s Main St.

The decision was made at a Gore District Council meeting last week.

During the Streets Alive trial held in the town earlier in the year Eccles St was blocked off to prevent vehicles entering or exiting from Main St.

After the trial, the street was reopened at the Main St intersection but bollards were put in place to stop vehicles turning right to go south.

A petition with more than 400 signatures requesting the council to reverse the Streets Alive trial changes was considered during the discussion of a report presented by roading manager Peter Standring outlining the future of the intersection.

In his report, Mr Standring made recommendations including that the bollards be removed. The plan was to put permanent fixtures in place to stop right-turning traffic in the future.

Speaking to his report, Mr Standring said he was waiting to find out what New Zealand Transport Agency funding would be available to make permanent changes to the intersection if the council approved.

He would draw up a design for the intersection for councillors to consider.

Councillor Nicky Davis said removing the bollards only to put in a permanent fixture later might not be wise.

“I think you are setting the council up for quite a bit of grief on this one.

“I don’t think you should be confusing the public.”

Councillor Cliff Bolger said if the bollards were removed in the meantime, people would need to know it might be temporary.

“We still haven’t finished finding a solution for that intersection.

“It is a dangerous intersection.”

Cr Highsted questioned why there were bollards throughout the town, as he understood all the Streets Alive installations would be removed once the trial finished.

“When are we going to see them go?”

“I think for me, orange bollards should be removed and the community would get a sense of we have fully deactivated Streets Alive.”

The bollards had created ill-feeling, Cr Highsted said.

“I think it is time to see those orange bollards that are irritating people off our streets.”

Councillor Glenys Dickson said she had a lot of feedback from the public.

“They really dislike those orange bollards ..

“They are quite distracting and they do look like roadworks.”

Cr Dickson asked Mr Standring when it was likely the permanent work could be done.

Mr Standring said by the time the programme had been approved by the council and the public, it would be June or July next year before work could start.

Councillors voted six to three for the bollards to be removed in the short term and the street reopened while other possibilities for the intersection were explored.

Mr Standring asked for a delay of two weeks to remove the Eccles St bollards so data could be gathered about the intersection.