Danger alert...Wigan St resident Alan Key is concerned a large hole in the road outside his house is not only making it difficult for him to get in and out of his drive but is unsafe as truck and trailer units entering the street are crossing to the wrong side of the road to drive around it. PHOTO:SANDY EGGLESTON

A hole big enough to fit a large truck at the end of Wigan St needs filling in, one resident says.

The hole is about 15m long, 7m wide and 2.5m deep and runs parallel to Alan Key’s property.

Mr Key said after the February flood a patch of the road in Wigan St caved in and Gore District Council staff came to investigate.

“It took them a week to dig this hole and find out what was wrong,” Mr Key said.

A wastewater pipe that had been damaged in the flood, allowing water to flood the area and cause slumpage, was uncovered, he said.

“The pipe has blown out either side where the heaps of dirt are.”

A letter from Gore District Council 3 waters manager Matt Bayliss on May 6 advised Wigan St residents the council was spending $400,000 on replacing a 120m section of the main wastewater pipeline.

“At this stage, our contractor is planning to start work in late June,” Mr Bayliss said in the letter. However, Mr Key doubted the work would start then as it would be winter and more delays were likely.

“I predict three months before they even start.”

In the meantime Mr Key would like the hole filled in because it was making it difficult for him to get in and out of his drive.

“I can’t get a trailer or a truck in and out.

“I’m trying to develop the section.

“It’s a safety issue.”

He had seen people driving on the footpath to manoeuvre around the hole.

He was also concerned about big trucks often pulling trailers, entering the street from the south, which had to be driven on the wrong side of the road and very close to the hole to get past.

“I’m waiting for the hole to fall in.

“Those big trucks are heavy.”

He was disappointed with the council’s slow response in dealing with the problem.

“The delay was long before Covid.

“It’s been an absolute circus.”

Mr Bayliss said the hole was due to a pipe failure in the February floods.

“We considered a temporary repair and backfilling the hole,” Mr Bayliss said.

“It was not our preferred option as it could have resulted in the pipe completely collapsing, which would result in the road having to be dug up again a few months later to replace the pipe.”

Alert Level 4 caused significant delays and the contractors would start late June.

The pipeline would be replaced with a micro-silica-lined pipe designed to stop corrosion from hydrogen sulphide, which was being made to order.

Manufacture of the pipe was on track to start before the Level 4 lockdown came into effect.

However, now production of the pipe was due to start in the last week in May.

After it had been made, the concrete pipe required a minimum 21-day curing time before being transported to the site.

Traffic management set up in February would continue until council contractors could make a permanent repair.

The council’s roading team and heavy transport operators visited the site on Tuesday and believed truck-and-trailer units should not have trouble turning into Wigan St from Salford St.

They did not need to drive on the wrong side of the road to pass the fenced excavation, he said.Sports ShoesAir Jordan Hydro 14 Sandals, Air Jordan Shoes