Not on . . . Gore District Council Neville Phillips is disappointed that people continue to dump rubbish outside the Mataura Landfill site gates. PHOTO:SANDY EGGLESTON

Cameras may be installed at the Mataura Transfer Station to deter people from dumping rubbish outside the gates.

At the Mataura Community Board meeting last week, a report about the station by Gore District Council transport manager Peter Standring was discussed.

In his report, Mr Standring said he had attended a meeting on August 8 at the site.

“The meeting was spurred by a recently dumped vehicle and rubbish that was accumulating around it.

“The general state of the facility was also discussed,” Mr Standring said in the report.

Actions arising from the meeting included the removal of rubbish, an abandoned vehicle was moved inside the gate, the gate was straightened and the financial position of the site was investigated.

“Initial indications are that it is consistently running at a loss and further investigation is required.”

He was waiting for a proposal from Active Alarm Services about whether it was possible to place a camera within the site.

After the meeting Mr Standring said the review was part of an evaluation of council services and scheduled for October.

” All indications suggest the site is well used, we just need to look a little closer at how things are run.”

Gore district councillor Neville Phillips said people continued to dump rubbish outside the gates of the landfill “especially old vehicles and cars”.

“We’re disappointed in the fly tipping,” he said.bridge mediaGifts for Runners