Gaming Zone . . . Excited for the upcoming video game event to be held at the Gore and Districts memorial RSA was Your Corps founder James Ward. PHOTO: VALU MAKA

Young gamers can level up their skills at the Your Corps event which will take place at the end of the month.

The function will be hosted at the Gore and Districts Memorial RSA on July 31 and will be free of charge.

Founder James Ward said there were spaces for 100 children to participate and there would be prizes on offer.

“The Gore RSA has been extraordinarily supportive with facilitating the event and they have covered the entry costs of children for this function.

“It’s too good not to tell anybody and there are no shortages of kids who will want to attend.”

To register, parents could sign up their children on their website, he said.

The gaming competition will feature the racing game Track Mania.

“In Track Mania you can drive at 300km an hour, pull massive jumps and all the fun stuff.”

The choice of Track Mania showed not all videogames were violent, he said.

“There are a great variety of games and Track Mania is appropriate content with a happy-go-lucky experience.”

Esports was a growing international multimillion-dollar industry, Mr Ward said.

“A lot of kids are showing an interest in pursuing esports as a professional career and so the spaces we create give them a space to do that.”

The Your Corps organisation held monthly esports events. It was a great opportunity for young people to socialise while gaming, he said.

“There is often a negative stigma with video gaming where people think it is something that people do isolated. But our events are extremely social and children meet up and often make new friends.”