Children brighten planters for safer streets


Gore’s Streets Alive project started with a splash of colour as St Mary’s School pupils gave six concrete planter tubs a fresh look last Wednesday.

The planters will be placed in the streets from mid-March on an initial trial basis of three months. The trial is part of Gore District Council’s million-dollar initiative to improve to Gore’s streetscape.

Project co-ordinator Charlotte Harder said she was pleased tangible progress was being made at last .

“Before it was just on paper,” Mrs Harder said.

It was good for children to be involved in the project, she said.

“Basically, the whole project is built on community involvement.”

Three planters were decorated with the words “faith” “hope” and “love”, St Mary’s school values.

These would be placed near the school, while three others would be placed in residential areas.

Planters would narrow the streets, with the intention being to slow traffic and make road crossings easier, she said.

“The aim is safer streets for children.”

Southern REAP early childhood and schools manager Kate McRae was overseeing Wednesday’s session.

The seven schools in Gore township would each have a planter-painting day in the coming month, she said.

“The kids’ enthusiasm has been great.”

Pupil Lauren Love (9) helped to decorated one of the planters.

“We got to choose the designs and we chose flowers,” Lauren said.

Painting the black outlines of the flowers was “easy and fun” and was her favourite part of the day.

She would be excited seeing her artwork decorating the street, she said.