Children’s artistic talents unleashed


Eastern Southland children have been learning about art from a professional artist.

Artist Karen Pringle, of Invercargill, has been teaching art classes at East Gore School for the past three weeks.

Ms Pringle was trained as a primary school teacher but is now a professional artist.

She started taking the classes in Winton, then Southern Reap Gore approached her to start classes in Eastern Southland.

She loved seeing what pupils came up with, Ms Pringle said.

“We do a realistic one then I let them experiment with colours,” she said.

“They love the freedom of it.”

Each year there is a different theme. This year it has been native plants and birds, Ms Pringle said.

“I try to choose a theme that is educational but the kids can also produce beautiful work from.”

Ms Pringle provided pupils with pictures of native birds and plants for them to base their work on.

From there, they could choose which plants and birds they used for their work, she said.

Artists . . .Holding their works are Meg Clarkson (11), from St Peter’s College, Jordyn Mosely (13), from Te Tipua School, and Maddie Cockburn (11), from St Peter’s College. PHOTO: LAURA SHIPLEY


“Everyone is different. I love seeing what they can do with it.”

The pupils take home 12 pieces of art at the end of the two days.

“There are a lot of talented artists in Southland.

“It would be really nice to see them use what they have learnt in a future career,” she said.

The classes also gave the pupils a chance to work with art supplies they had not used before.

“We are using watercolours and canvas paper today. Some of them have used it before but a lot of them haven’t.”

All schools in Eastern Southland with primary or intermediate age pupils were involved in the classes.url cloneHow to Run Faster , Increase Your Running Speed and Endurance