Church to host tulip day

Tulip time... Looking foward to attending Edendale’s annual Labour Day tulip event are (from left) Naomi Verheij (14), Edrei Raath (13), Rainier Raath and Ruben Raath (10) PHOTO:SANDY EGGLESTON

Same event, same day but different venue is the story of Edendale’s annual Labour Day tulip event.

The tulip day, which is a fundraiser for the Edendale Presbyterian Church, Edendale Scouts and Wyndham Pioneer Lions Club, is usually held at Triflor New Zealand’s Seaward Downs Rd property, but this year will be held at the Edendale Presbyterian Church.

This is the 16th year the event has been held.

Edendale Presbyterian Church minister Rainier Raath said the event would be organised in a similar way to previous years.

“Everything stays the same, just the venue has changed,” Dr Raath said.

The event was always popular and well-supported by the community.

“We had record sales last year.”

It was also a good way to spend the holiday.

“It’s a day when people enjoy their time as a family.”

There would be about 35 tulip flowers on display in the church hall, and people could order which bulbs they would like to buy.

The bulbs would be couriered to their new owners who would receive them in March next year. Information about when and how to plant the bulbs would be included with the bulbs.

Instead of taking a minibus tour of Triflor’s tulip fields, people could pay for a helicopter ride and view the tulips from the air.

“People can go to the Edendale Rugby Club to catch the helicopter.”

The Lions club would sell refreshments.

Craft stalls and children’s activities would also be available.latest jordan Sneakers『アディダス』に分類された記事一覧