Coffee and cuddles at the SPCA cat cafe


For loads of feline-friendly cuddles, go to the Cat Cafe, to be held at the Gore SPCA on Saturday, August 17.

This will be the third cafe they have run at the SPCA, as the fundraiser has proved to be a popular event in the past.

SPCA Gore centre manager Cath McDowall said it was a good fundraiser.

“On the day, for $5 you get a cup of tea, coffee, milo and a cake. Also the chance to play with and cuddle the cats.

“It is proving to be a popular initiative,” Mrs McDowall said.

On the day there will be mugs featuring the slogan Cat Cafe SPCA Gore, raffles and other merchandise for sale.

“It is a fun day and it gives people a chance to come and interact with the cats.”

And the odd one was adopted out, “which always makes our day.”

The aim was to raise funds to continue helping the animals, Mrs McDowall said.

Every year the centre helps hundreds of abused, abandoned and neglected animals who all need love, care and shelter.

The cat cafe will be open from 10am-4pm.

SNIP ‘N’ CHIPThe Gore SPCA has had a great response to the Snip n Chip campaign.

However, they still have a few openings for anyone wanting to desex their cat at a heavily reduced rate.

Normally the cost would be $145 for a male cat and $195 for a female cat.

The vouchers are $30 to desex and microchip a male cat, and $50 for female.

You need to have a Community Services Card to take advantage of the scheme.

To buy a voucher, visit Combined Veterinary Services Gore.bridge mediaAir Jordan Shoes