Coffee club celebrates 6 years


The SupportLink coffee club celebrated its sixth anniversary with a lunch at Food Affair on Wednesday.

Co-ordinator Patricia Officer Young said she started the coffee club six years ago after one was started in Invercargill and she wanted to see if it would work in Gore.

“I didn’t know how many would come,” Mrs Officer Young said.

The club had grown from 11 people at the first meeting to 78 members, she said.

“Not everyone turns up to all the meetings, but we usually have about 50,” she said.

“I never expected it to grow this big,” Mrs Officer Young said.

She was glad it had worked so well.

“It’s so nice that everyone keeps coming.”

Club member Dawn Olson said she joined the club because she wanted to make new friends.

“I saw it advertised in the newspaper and decided to come along,” she said.

“As you get older there’s nothing to do.”

She had been a member of the club since the first meeting and was pleased to see the club grow, Mrs Olson said.

“It’s good – as it grows it becomes a more diverse group of people.

“It’s certainly not boring.”

The coffee club met every month for morning tea, she said.

The club also held events, including a mystery bus trip and midwinter Christmas celebration, Mrs Olsen said.

The club would not be so successful without the aid of Mrs Officer Young, Mrs Olsen said.

“It wouldn’t run as smoothly without her,” she said.

“She does a lot of work.”

Anyone interested in joining the coffee club can call Mrs Officer Young on (03) 208-0864.Running sneakersBěžecké tretry Nike