Cold blast, slippery roads forecast


Winter has arrived in time for the school holidays

The MetService is forecasting a low of 1degC tonight, 0degC tomorrow night, -4degC on Friday night and -3degC on Saturday night.

MetService meteorologist Angus Hines said Gore was one of many cold spots throughout New Zealand.

“Gore is right in the firing line for all the weather coming in during the next few days,” Mr Hines said.

However, Eastern Southland could take comfort there were “quite a few” cold places.

The cold air would bring in snow and there would also be strong southerly winds, he said.

The NZ Transport Agency is urging people to be ready for ice, snow, fog and rain this week throughout most of the South Island.

NZTA journey manager Lee Wright said icy conditions in Otago and Southland during the weekend highlighted the need for road users to be prepared for winter weather, which could be unpredictable.

“Slow down, drive with care and patience, and you need to ask yourself, do you have to travel today?” Ms Wright said.

The transport agency uses a combination of CMA (calcium magnesium acetate, a coating which reduces ice) and grit on the roads during winter to negate the effects of ice.

braking distances and avoid braking suddenly,” Ms Wright said.

Black ice was hazardous due to the increased risk of vehicles losing traction and drivers losing control.

“Please take extra care on bridges and overpasses as black ice forms first on these surfaces, making the road surface particularly hazardous,” she said.

With snow forecast, people needed to ask if they needed to travel through snow at all.

“If you do have to travel, be prepared for road restrictions, road closures, long delays and carry chains and know how to fit them, for your own safety and everyone else on the roads,” Ms Wright said.Asics shoesPatike