Tremendous result... celebrating a good community contribution to the Toot for Tucker food fundraiser in the Gore Salvation Army rooms on Friday are (front from left) Lesley Nicholson, Wendy Goodwin and Virginia Carter, and (back from left) Janice Byrne, Noeline Heaps and Gore Salvation Army Captain Lydia Carpenter. PHOTO: SANDY EGGLESTON

Gore community members appear unable to ignore the siren call of doing others a good turn.

Emergency vehicle sirens sounded and car horns blared as they drove throughout the town collecting food for the sixth Toot for Tucker event on Thursday.

The fundraiser was organised by the Gore River Valley Lions and donated items went to the Salvation Army.

Gore Salvation Army Captain John Carpenter estimated about 6000 items had been donated to the Salvation Army, numbers comparable to last year’s event.

“Last year was phenomenal too,” Mr Carpenter said.

“For me it’s a tremendous result.”

“The biggest thing I’d like to highlight is just how grateful we are for the generosity of the community.”

Salvation Army workers were also grateful to those who helped out with the event, including the Lions members who organised it, he said.

It was the second time this year community members showed their generosity, with New World shoppers donating 210 bags of groceries to the Salvation Army during the winter.

The items would be given out in Christmas hampers and food parcels.

“They’re for people that are in need,” Mr Carpenter said.

The cost of groceries and other necessary expenses was high and some struggled to meet them, he said.

“There’s so many people now that are trying to get by on minimum wages or on benefits.”

Gore River Valley Lions Project and service co-ordinator Virginia Carter said the collection went well.

“Everybody was very happy,” Mrs Carter said.

“It was a great turnout of volunteers.”

The 80 volunteers included Lions members, St John cadets and police and fire brigade members.

“The groups went away and did their streets and did their tooting.

“It’s the community helping the community, especially after the year we’ve had.”

A range of items was donated, she said.

“The variety is what has blown me away.

“They put a lot of thought into what was left at the gate. It wasn’t just spaghetti and baked beans.”

Items included children’s toys and women’s toiletries as well as Christmas biscuits and candy canes.

Plenty of staple non-perishable items such as canned and dried food were also donated.

“It was down to even salt and pepper”.

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