Waste crusher. . . Gore District Council facilities administration officer Neil Mair (left) and infrastructure general manager Ramesh Sharma are pleased with the efficiency of a new waste compacter installed at the Gore Transfer Station. PHOTO: SANDY EGGLESTON

A new waste compactor is saving the Gore District Council money.

The compactor, which cost about $307,000, has been operating at the Gore Transfer Station since late last year.

Council infrastructure general manager Ramesh Sharma said now the waste was compacted it meant fewer trips to the Limehills landfill site, near Winton.

Uncompacted it cost $30 per tonne to transport the waste but with reduced trips to the landfill costs were reduced to $21 per tonne.

”This would reduce the cost of transport by approximately $64,000 per year,” Mr Sharma said.

The council borrowed the money to buy the compactor.

However, the savings per year would offset the annual repayments and interest.

”The council can utilise lower cost of debt to reduce interest costs and repay the compactor within five years.”

The lower number of trips per year meant the council’s carbon footprint was reduced, he said.

A compacted load was also safer to transport as the weight was more evenly distributed.

It cost $121 per tonne to dump the waste at the landfill site.

In previous years about 7100 tonnes of waste went to the landfill.

It was estimated, with the council’s waste management scheme where only glass was collected in the kerbside yellow bins, the council would have an additional 360 tonnes of waste going to the landfill each year.

Apart from initial teething problems when the compactor was installed it was now ”operating efficiently”, Mr Sharma said.