Good sport . . . In a light hearted moment at the Gore District Council meeting on Thursday deputy mayor Cliff Bolger (left) moved a motion mayor Tracy Hicks put the mayoral hat to prove the hat had not been sold to raise money to pay off council debt. PHOTO:SANDY EGGLESTON

Gore Mayor Tracy Hicks was in for a quick costume change at last Thursday’s council meeting after deputy mayor Cliff Bolger recommended a late urgent item be heard.

Cr Bolger advised the meeting that concerns had been raised with him about the whereabouts of the mayoral hat.

“I didn’t hear about these concerns until after the agenda was compiled.

The mayor’s hat “is a valuable of your official regalia and you kept it safely locked away for some time.

“However, there’s been accusations the mayoral hat has been disposed of, sold for a considerable sum and the proceeds used to pay down debt,” Cr Bolger said, jokingly.

“I feel your personal reputation has been impugned, impugned, your worship.”

The motion the mayor change into mayoral regalia and pose for a photograph to put the matter to rest was moved and seconded.

“It is important that the stature and office of the mayor is protected.”

The motion was passed and the mayor went to change and returned to the meeting wearing his robe, chain and hat of his office.

After the meeting Mr Hicks said it was good to end the last council session for the term on a light-hearted note.

“It was all good fun.”

He had never worn the hat in public before.

“I have no plans for a public unveiling again into the future.”

He was not sure how the hat came to be part of the mayoral outfit – “I can’t recall any mayor wearing it publicly.”Nike air jordan SneakersSean Cliver x Nike SB Dunk Low DC9936-100 To Buy