Council weighing up library roof options


Options from a total rebuild of the Gore Library through to redesigning and building a new roof or taking the cheaper option of recladding are ideas under investigation, prompted by long-standing problems with a leaky roof.

Library staff would no longer need to place six to eight buckets under leaks when it rained if the upgrade gets the green light.

Gore District Council parks and reserves manager Ian Soper said the scope of the investigation into finding the best solution to the buildings problems could involve recladding the roof through to total replacement of the building.

“We need to look at the big picture. We need to understand the cost of refurbishing versus the cost of replacement,” Mr Soper said.

The design of the roof had caused problems from the time the library was built, he said.

“The durability of the building has not passed muster.”

From “the shoulders up” the building had problems.

Whatever solution the council decided upon would be costly, Mr Soper said.

At present, no cost had been estimated.

The upgrade could be listed in the draft 2018-28 long-term plan for consideration.

Library manager Lorraine Weston-Webb said in a report to the Gore District Council’s community services committee the library was built in 1983.

“The roof of the building has been plagued with leaks,” Ms Weston-Webb said.

“Given the building is now nearing 35 years of age and the unwavering need to place buckets to capture multiple leaks in times of inclement weather, the merits of securing a more permanent solution have recently been explored.”

In addition to the need for a roof replacement the main entrance did not meet standards for door width. Customers had difficulty opening and entering through the heavy doors, she said.

It was a hazard, particularly for families, the disabled and the elderly, as they entered and left with baby buggies, wheelchairs, walkers and arms full of books, she said.

Ms Weston-Webb believed automatic doors would be more appropriate.

The library had 225 to 350 visitors a day.

An architect has been engaged to draw up plans.

Costs for the advisory work would be met within the existing budget.

If the roof was replaced, one of the benefits would be staff no longer needing to place buckets under the leaks, she said.

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