Dish brings back memories of Tonga

Culture . . . International Connect Group member Amelia Shand dresses up in traditional Tongan attire. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

PINEAPPLE pie brings back memories of home for International Connect Group member Amelia Shand, she says.

She grew up in Pelehake in Tonga and shifted to New Zealand in 2017.

As a child she would watch her aunty make the dessert every time she visited.

“I watched her make it over and over again and then I tried to make it myself – she would make it for me because I loved custard.”

The traditional pineapple pie was not like a regular fruit pie, she said.

“The custard has a pineapple flavour and the base is made from flour.”

The dessert was made for special occasions but she would often make it for people who came to visit.

“Pineapple pie has been a part of our family for years.

“My husband, John, loves it and I always make it for my friends and they enjoy it too.”

She had multiple memories connected to the traditional pie, she said.

“In Tonga we would take it around to our neighbours to share.

“Sometimes we would visit and sleep over and it was always a good time.”