Lark in the "pocket park"...Courtney Scanlon (left) and Elliot McDiarmid (both 13) check out the corner of Pomona and Robertson streets where a pocket park has been made by partially blocking one lane as part of the Street Alive trial. PHOTO: SANDY EGGLESTON

Disruptions to traffic flow are expected as changes to West Gore’s road layout are made this week.

The changes are part of the Gore District Council’s Streets Alive project.

The State Highway 1 intersections at Broughton St and Eccles St were partially blocked off on Monday evening to install miniature “pocket parks”.

Gore District Council transport manager Peter Standring said the intersections would be closed to through traffic until June 27.

“We encourage motorists to take their time as they become familiar with some of the road layout changes.”

Pocket parks would also partially block the west end of Kitchener St, Anzac St and Robertson St.

“[This] will cause disruptions to traffic flow.”

Drivers would be able to exit Kitchener and Pomona Sts on to Robertson St but would not be able to enter from Robertson St.

They would be able to enter Anzac St from Robertson St but not exit on to it.

The changes are aimed at reducing congestion and improving road safety.

They could become permanent after the trial if the council gets positive feedback.