Drone operators reminded to heed council, CAA rules


People flying readily available drones are being reminded they need to follow Gore District Council guidelines.
Council parks and recreation manager Ian Soper said even if a drone had been bought at a toy shop, guidelines under the district plan still applied.“If it flies, it is an unmanned vehicle,” Mr Soper said.
Eight reserves had been designated in the reserve management plan as places where people could fly drones. If people wanted to fly a drone over a restricted public area, they had to apply in writing to the council for a permit, Mr Soper said.
People might also be unaware that the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) also had rules regarding the use of drones, he said.“They are not in reality the sort of item you can just go out and fly anywhere _you can fly them in your own property.
“If you want to fly them over other people’s property or public property, then those CAA rules do apply even to what is deemed potentially a toy drone.”
The CAA had a website, Airshare (www.airshare.co.nz), for drone owners to refer to so they could find out the rules regarding drone use.
So far he had received no complaints about the inappropriate use of drones over the Christmas period. “So that’s pleasing,” Mr Soper said.
Isaac Cross (10), of Mandeville, received a drone for Christmas from his eldest brother Tom.
He was very excited to receive the drone. “I wasn’t expecting a drone,” Isaac said.
He was very careful where he flew the toy. “You need to have a clear area and watch out for trees. “You can’t fly it on other people’s property.”

Drone regulations

  • Drones can be flown at eight Gore district reserves without a permit: Hamilton Park, Newman Park, Woolwich Street Walnut Plantation, Greenvale Domain, McKelvie Heights playground, Tulloch Park, Pukerau Recreation Reserve, Waikaka Domain.
  • Do not fly a drone over a playground or near other park users. Be considerate of any animals in the area, such as dogs off the leash, that may be frightened by a drone.
  • Apply for a permit to fly a drone in other public spaces.
  • Read the Civil Aviation Authority Airshare (www.airshare.co.nz) website and the Gore District Council website (www.goredc.govt.nz/our-services/regulatory/drone-flying) for more information. Copy: www.goredc.govt.nz

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