Level Up . . . All prepped and ready to compete at the Fortnite tournament was Lindsay Tuffley, of Gore, (10) over the weekend. PHOTO: VALU MAKA.

It was an action-packed day for Gore girl Lindsay Tuffley (10) and other gamers who competed in the first Southland e-sports tournament over the weekend.

The event was held at ILT Stadium Southland and about 160 competitors came from throughout Southland.

The tournament featured the multibillion-dollar video game Fortnite and contestants competed for $1000 prize money.

For each round in the tournament 18 contestants competed, the ultimate goal being to eliminate other players and be the last person standing.

Lindsay received a sponsored free ticket to attend the tournament.

“When I found out, I felt one million out of 10— I love playing Fortnite.”

Her tactics included ignoring the music and focusing on what she was doing and what needed to be done, she said.

Your Corps founder James Wards said one of the main reasons he organised the e-sports tournament was to allow often isolated players to connect in a social environment.

Your Corps holds a wide range of social multiplayer videogaming events for young people throughout Southland.

Mr Wards said he was grateful to be able to host the event in a big venue and to give away prize money to the winners.

“This is just the beginning for e-sports in Southland. We want to continue to grow and get more people involved.”

The two-day event had been a success, he said.

“It’s been flat out from start to finish.

“The atmosphere was electric with people yelling at the big screen and getting excited, especially in the last rounds when it was players competing one on one.”