Epic task ‘a battle at the end’

Long day. . . Thomas Nichol (left) holds the flag while Craig Marshall puts the ball during the five rounds of golf they played recently at the Gore Golf Club to raise money for the Cancer Society New Zealand. PHOTO: SANDY EGGLESTON

Two friends have gone the extra mile in more ways than one to raise money for the Cancer Society of New Zealand.

Gore Golf Club members Craig Marshall and Thomas Nichol took part in the society’s Longest Day Golf Challenge fundraiser.

The aim of the fundraiser was for golfers to play four rounds – 72 holes of golf in one day.

However, Marshall and Nichol decided to play five rounds instead.

Their efforts have raised $2250 so far.

Marshall said playing five rounds had seemed like a good idea when he and Nichol were enjoying a few drinks one night.

“We thought we would be brave and probably stupid at the same time and do an extra round.”

Last year the men, who play golf regularly, completed the four-round challenge .

“We thought we could do it a little bit better,” Marshall said.

However, in reality it was a long day.

“It was fun to start with and a battle at the end.

“Five rounds is a lot [and] very hard on the body.”

The pair started playing at 6am and finished at 6.15pm.

He estimated they walked and pulled their golf carts the equivalent of a marathon, which is about 42km.

The first couple of rounds he played good golf.

“I got progressively worse but Thomas was pretty solid throughout.”

Marshall plays off a 11 handicap and Nichol, 3.

The men had good support from their partners and others who came to watch.