‘Everyone’s vote means something’


Gore District ambassador Tyler Dowling says it is important to exercise the right to vote.

It was not only important for young people to vote in general elections but also in local body elections, Mr Dowling (24) said.

“We live in a democracy. Everyone’s vote means something.”

Some young people did not vote because they were not sure how politics worked, and there was also an element of not caring, he said.

“I think a lot of people are concerned their vote will be wasted but it’s not.”

While politics could be a sensitive subject it was important to “go with” what the voter believed was right.

He valued equal opportunities for everyone, especially in the field of education..

Retrieving the remains of the 29 Pike River miners was also on his most important list for political parties, he said.

It was also a priority to preserve New Zealand’s clean, green image, in particular cleaning up waterways.

Transparency in government was another factor high on his list.

Mr Dowling’s partner, Lance Daly, also wanted the Government to intervene to retrieve the miners’ bodies.

Mr Daly said people needed to “stop pointing the finger” at those they thought were polluting waterways.

He urged people to take responsibility for keeping them pristine.Sportswear free shippingBoots