Girls and cars ... Proud owner of her Ford Fairlane Mary Tremaine of Mandeville confirms girls love cars, too. PHOTO: JENNY DILLNER

When your husband is a car fanatic and owns “a lot” of cars, Mary Tremaine, of Mandeville, says it is a case of “if you can’t beat them, join them”.

Mrs Tremaine has more than one classic automobile in her collection and said she likes to invest her money in cars.

One of the vehicles she owns is a 1964 Ford Fairlane 500 Compact.

This is the second Ford Fairlane Mrs Tremaine has owned.

She has since sold the first one.

“They are a lovely cruising car.

“I do enjoy the bench seats, especially having the capacity to seat six people in the car,” Mrs Tremaine said.

She bought the car in 2001, with 44,000 original miles (70,750km) on the clock

Since she has owned the Fairlane she has had it repainted, the upholstery inserts have been renewed, the hood lining has been redyed and mag wheels have been fitted.

“The motor is in perfect condition and needed no repairs,” Mrs Tremaine said.

In addition to her motoring interests, Mrs Tremaine also likes to spend time with her family and eight grandchildren.

“To get into the car and drive 800km in a day to see the children is not unheard of.

“I have done it on more than one occasion,” Mrs Tremaine said.Buy KicksAir Jordan