Finally bought the Fairmont he admired

Always loved it ... Elden Abernethy had his eye on the 1974 Ford Fairmont for years, before he bought it. Photo: Jenny Dillner

Having seen the Ford Fairmont around town for many years, Elden Abernethy knew he wanted to own it.

When it came up for sale three years ago, he did not hesitate in buying the 1974 Ford.

Mr Abernethy said he had always owned and loved old cars, especially Australian-assembled Fords.

“This car had spent most of its life in and around the Southland region, so I knew it pretty well.”

Other than buying a new crate 5-litre Windsor V8 engine from America, and doing some general changes like the tyres and the steering wheel, the Fairmont was pretty much in the same condition as he bought it in, Mr Abernethy said.

“Being on the Southern Aussie Muscle Car Club committee, keeps me busy going on car runs during the year.”

A family man, Mr Abernethy’s wife, Maree, and their three children, Paige (8), Hugh (5), and Reese (2), enjoy heading off on excursions with the car club.

“Having this old car is a good way to meet other enthusiasts and share stories.

When starting up the Ford Fairmont, hearing the genuine V8 throb of the engine was another winning plus to owning the car, he said.Best jordan SneakersJordan Ανδρικά • Summer SALE έως -50%