Fundraiser tulip event going online

In the pink...Edendale Presbyterian minister Rainier Raath and his children Ruben (11) and Edrei (14) are check out the flowering progress of tulips in a paddock near Edendale which people will be able to view from a helicopter during the church’s annual Labour Day tulip. PHOTO: SANDY EGGLESTON

The South Island Alert Level 2 status has changed the format of Edendale’s annual Labour Day tulip event.

The tulip day, which is a fundraiser for the Edendale Presbyterian Church, Edendale Scouts and Wyndham Pioneer Lions Club, has in the past been held at Triflor New Zealand’s Seaward Downs Rd property and last year, at the church.

This year, however, it will be held online.

This is the 17th year the event has been held.

Edendale Presbyterian Church minister Rainier Raath said it was disappointing to cancel the physical event.

“However, people will still be able to order their beloved bulbs online.”

The event was always popular and he hoped people would still buy bulbs.

“We are extremely grateful for the support in the community to make this day successful.”

There would be 32 tulip flowers on display on the church’s website and people could order which bulbs they would like to buy.

The bulbs would be couriered to their new owners who would receive them in March next year.

Information about when and how to plant the bulbs would be included with the order.

To order bulbs people can go to the website

Bulbs can be ordered from October 25 to November 9.