GDC building over budget

The Gore District Council civic buildings had a nearly $6.2 million makeover completed earlier this year. PHOTO: SANDY EGGLESTON

The final cost of the new Gore District Council civic building is about $190,000 over budget.

The final cost of the new civic building was $6,189,109.19, which is about 3% over the original budget of just under $6 million.

In 2019, councillors accepted tenders for just under $6 million, but in February 2021 the cost was forecast to be $6.02 million.

However, figures released to the Otago Daily Times reveal $6,189,109.19 is the final amount.

Chief executive Steve Parry said interruptions caused by Covid-19 were partly to blame for the increase.

Council staff also made requests for extra items, including a duress alarm, reception counter security screen and a second streaming camera for the council chambers which also contributed.

The new building, which was opened in March, is 210sq m larger than the original offices and accommodates 45 staff over two floors.

There are seven meeting rooms: five for staff and public use, and two interview rooms in the foyer.

In 2013, the council set aside $3 million in the long term plan for the makeover, which increased to $5 million in 2018.

Renovations to the James Cumming Wing, where a new library and community centre are being built, are on schedule.

The work is being completed by JC Builders, formerly known as Jones and Cooper Builders.

The estimated cost is $7.75 million, about $200,000 less than previous predictions but nearly $1 million more than the original 2020 estimate of $6.8 million.

The decrease was due to the council identifying some cost savings in materials, Mr Parry said.

The savings did not compromise the quality of the materials chosen, he said.

“We have also removed a canopy that was to run the length of the building, linking the entrances to the two facilities, the library and community rooms.”