Generations meet


Elsie Street Kindergarten paid a visit to residents at Resthaven Village last Friday.

Head teacher Cara Sharp said the aim was for the kindergarten to be more involved in the community and with Resthaven so close it was a good opportunity.

“They were learning about giving back to people in the community,” Mrs Sharp said.

The kindergarten had talked about visiting the rest-home and asked the children what they could do for the residents, she said.

“They came up with all these ideas that they could take them toast and water and love them and all these crazy ideas and then someone suggested we make them gingerbread men,” she said.

The children made 120 gingerbread men, as well as creating paintings and Anzac pictures, to give to the residents and also sang some songs for them while there.

residents were less mobile than others and the children engaged them to make sure they felt involved.

She enjoyed seeing the “pure joy on the children’s faces and the residents’ faces . it brought tears to your eyes”, Mrs Sharp said.

While the kindergarten had not visited the village for a few years, Mrs Sharp and her fellow teachers said they would definitely visit again.

“It was just a really great opportunity for the children to learn more about their own community, giving back to the community and having fun,” Mrs Sharp said.

The kindergarten also had entries in the Gore Garden Club Harvest Show to get the children involved in the community earlier in the term.

“They were also able to see other people’s work on display as well and the pride they had of seeing their work alongside other people’s was pretty awesome,” Mrs Sharp said.Running SneakersNike Shoes