Tales Trail. . . Excited to introduce the new StoryWalk at the Gore gardens is Gore Library Assistant Teresa Blackbeard and Newcomers’ Network coordinator Mark McCann. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

The Gore District Library and Newcomers’ Network will introduce a novel storyboard trail for families.

Library assistant Teresa Blackbeard said the storyboards were up in time for the school holidays.

Eighteen storyboards feature pages from a children’s book, she said.

The activity allowed families to follow the trail, looking for the boards, she said.

“Each page will allow children to collect prizes from the library after the StoryWalk.”

At the end of the walk was a bookshelf dragon, she said.

“On the last storyboard, people can take a selfie and post it to our Facebook event page and see who else has also enjoyed the StoryWalk adventure.”

It was planned for the trail to be temporary, but if it was well-received, it might continue, Mrs Blackbeard said.

As well as the new storyboards, another 20 would show 40 flags from around the world.

Part of the StoryWalk challenge would involve participants determining which flag represented the countries.

Newcomers’ Network co-ordinator Mark McCann said the trail would teach walkers about various countries.

Youth councillor JB Acuna said the storyboards were a good opportunity for children to learn more about diversity.

He said he had moved from the Philippines to Gore when he was 9.

“When I first moved here people didn’t know much about my culture or language.

“So this is a great idea to expose children to those differences and it is a big step towards opening people’s minds further.”