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Inquiries from as far away as Australia have been coming in after the story about Hello Mr Brown

The Ensign published the story on Friday, July 5 about Elaine Scott writing a book about the ghost of Mr James Brown, at the H&J Smith store in Gore.

For the book, Mrs Scott interviewed 20 people who had personally experienced an encounter with the late dentist.

Mrs Scott said she was blown away, and her phone had not stopped ringing.

“I have sold all of my first editions and am having more printed.

“I seriously thought that only the staff at H&J Smith would be interested, which is why I only printed 20 copies, but it has gone crazy.

“I have 12 pre-sold already, and need to print more this time,” she said.

It was never about the money.

“I did not do this for the dollars, it was just a recorded message that needed to be in print.”

A lot of people just wanted to talk about that sort of thing happening and being open to it, she said.

“Also people wanting to let me know about other ghosts that are in town.”

What has Mrs Scott really excited is contact from Mr Brown’s granddaughter and great-granddaughter, who both live in Australia.

“They were thrilled to have heard about the book, and are sending more information over about his life.”

Another grandson, who lives in the South Island, contacted Mrs Scott, as he wanted to trace his grandfather’s family.

Being a genealogist, Mrs Scott said she had traced the Brown family back to Scotland in 1799.

“Another surprise, too, was an H&J Smith store manager from the ’90s contacted me and she had wonderful stories. Some in particular were pretty scary.

“I had a good talk to her.”

It had been wonderful getting confirmation from so many people and she was very excited about the relatives, in particular.

“One lady called me a trail-blazer, whatever that is,”

Mrs Scott said.Best jordan SneakersKlær Nike