‘Gone fishing’ – in a wheelchair


Being confined to a wheelchair does not stop Peter McDonald from catching fish.

The Resthaven rest-home resident and his longtime fishing buddy Barry Perkins set up on the Mataura River bank near the Gore bridge on Saturday in perfect weather.

Mr McDonald was rewarded with a fish.

Mr McDonald, who has Parkinson’s, said he caught another fish earlier in the day but released it because it was too small.

Mr McDonald and his wife, Bev, are longtime friends of Mr Perkins and his wife, Diane.

The four friends were all out fishing on Saturday.

They had spent a lot of time fishing in the past.

He and his wife enjoyed spending time with their “wonderful friends”, Mr McDonald said.

Mrs McDonald said it was a glorious day.

She hoped her husband’s fishing exploits would inspire other people in wheelchairs to get out and experience life.

“The look on his face was just so well worth it [when he caught the fish],” she said.

Mrs Perkins said she and her husband were keen to continue the fishing tradition they had built up over the years.

“We just try to get him to the river when we can – he just loves it.”

they had to be adaptable and as it all depended on how Mr McDonald was feeling, Mrs Perkins said.

She and her husband gained a lot of satisfaction from taking Mr McDonald fishing.

“You just get such a kick out of it,” she said.affiliate link traceNike