Good line-up enjoys practice for world champs


A muster of international shearing talent took part in the Northern Southland Community Shears at Lumsden.
Shears secretary Patsy Shirley said the overseas shearers entered the competition as practice for the World Shearing and Woolhandling Championships in Invercargill early next month.
“We had them from Chile, Switzerland, Norway, England, Scotland, Wales, Australia, France – it was very good.
“Everybody enjoyed themselves.”
Seventy-nine shearers took part, slightly more than last year.
In the woolhandling competition at North Range, Castlerock, 39 people took part.
The wet weather beforehand did not affect the preparation of the sheep supplied by Ian Grant, of North Range.
“They were putting the sheep in and out I think all week. When there was no rain they would let them out for bit of a pick and then put them back in.
“They were in good order – Ian Grant is very good at preparing the sheep for the show.”
The new venue at the Selbies’ Five Rivers property was very successful.
“Its a great big shed and it was really great. We really appreciated the Selbie family for letting us have the event there.”
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