Golden anniversary...Ron and Evelyn McKinnel of Gore celebrated 60 years of marriage last week. PHOTO:SANDY EGGLESTON

They say two is company and three is a crowd, which is probably why on Evelyn and Ron McKinnel’s second date, Mr McKinnel’s friend did not come.

The couple celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary yesterday.

Mrs McKinnel said the couple met when she was at home for the weekend in Freshford while she was working as a nurse in Dunedin.

Mr McKinnel, who had grown up in Whiterig, was working on a farm nearby.

She could not quite remember the details of how two young men turned up at her house, but thought her father had something to do with it.

“He said to another guy and Ron that I was coming home at the weekend and they both arrived didn’t they, these two guys.

“They wanted to see what I looked like, cheeky buggers,” Mrs McKinnel said.

The three of them went to the movies in Waikaia.

“I don’t know which one asked me to go to the pictures so I went to the pictures with one on each side of me.”

When Mrs McKinnel went back to Dunedin the couple started writing to each other.

“She chose the right one,” Mr McKinnel said.

Before she was married Mrs McKinnel spent a year working at Seddon Memorial Hospital in the maternity ward.

The couple were married in the Waikaia Presbyterian Church.

Her wedding dress had 348 seeded pearls sown on to the bodice from the shoulder through to the waist.

The couple worked well together over the years and shared many tasks.

“He’d mow the lawns and I’d cut the edges.”

They also shared an interest in farming.

“That was probably the attraction.”

Both agreed that “give and take” was important in married life.Adidas footwearMen’s shoes