Gaining understanding...Gore High School prefect Luke Hillis and deputy head boy Tom Stokes are counting down until they attend the 2018 Summit Leadership Programme in China. PHOTO: MARGARET PHILLIPS

Two Gore High School pupils have been chosen to attend the 2018 Summit Leadership Programme in China.

The hosting of Chinese exchange students in their families created an interest in that country for Gore High deputy head boy Tom Stokes (18) and prefect Luke Hillis (17).

The pair were accepted as part of a 40-strong New Zealand contingent to attend the 2018 Summit Leadership Programme, Qingdao, from July 16 to 18.

The two pupils heard about the summit from a teacher.

“Luke and I thought this would be quite interesting,” Tom said.

The pair were looking forward to gaining a deeper understanding of China, its culture, economics and business.

Luke was keen to gain a better understanding of the relationship between New Zealand and China and the importance of that relationship.

The summit will cover topics such as global citizenship, China and New Zealand relations and cultural differences; global issues, barriers and challenges; facing change and transformation with field studies; tomorrow’s leaders workshop, China’s history and culture; and group projects.

There will also be visits to various sites in China such as Lingyin Temple, The Great Wall, Forbidden City, Summer Palace and the New Zealand Embassy.

To be accepted for the summit applicants had to write an essay on what it meant to be a New Zealander and outline why they wanted to attend.

“The reason I wanted to go . I’ve always quite liked China. We had exchange students from China at home,” Luke said.

“I’ve travelled a lot but I’ve never really been to China,” Tom said.

About 30 New Zealand pupils will attend the summit, at a cost of about $4800 each.

Tom and Luke applied for sponsorship and were given $750 each by the Mataura Licensing Trust.

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