No hesitation...Gore resident Bill McLennan (86) took a flying leap off New Zealand's tallest man-made building. PHOTO: JENNY DILLNER

Knowing he was going to Auckland to visit his niece, 86-year-old Bill McLennan, of Gore, seriously considered leaping off the Sky Tower while there.

Mr McLennan said he really didn’t think he would do it.

“Then when I got to Auckland, I could see the Sky Tower from my niece’s home, and thought, why not?” Mr McLennan said.

At 192m, Auckland’s Sky Tower is the highest jump and the only guide-cable-controlled jump in New Zealand.

After arriving at the viewing platform two weeks ago and taking in the scenic outlook over Auckland, Mr McLennan found himself being harnessed by the jump masters.

“For some reason it did not worry me a bit, even standing on the edge ready to go I was cool, calm and collected,” Mr McLennan said.

For 11 seconds he was falling at 85kmh down the 53 storeys of the tower.

He would happily do it again.

“Anytime, yep, anytime at all, I wouldn’t hesitate.”

This was not the first time Mr McLennan had taken part in a controlled jump.

Ten years ago, while in his 70s, he bungy jumped – not once but twice in the same day at Kawarau Bridge, Queenstown.

“I wanted my head and shoulders to go into the water.

“The first time I didn’t touch it at all, so I did it again, sadly only getting the top of my head wet,” Mr McLennan said.

The octogenarian did not know what was next on his adrenaline-fuelled kick list.

“Your guess is as good as mine.

“Everything happens spur of the moment.

“Watch this space.”spy offersAir Jordan