Gore shop excels in national awards

Number one... Gore Night ’n Day staff celebrating the national awards the shop won recently are (clockwise from left) manager Nicola McLean and assistants Jordan Pepperell, Jan Crowe, Colleen Henriksen and Susan MacDonald. PHOTO: SANDY EGGLESTON

Gore’s Night ‘n Day shop is the best of its kind in the country.

The Night ‘n Day is part of a 52-store group which had its annual conference recently, at which awards were presented.

The Gore shop won the Top Franchisee of the Year award and also picked up Excellence in Customer Service and Excellence in Brand Sustainability awards.

Manager Nicola McLean said it was a great achievement for the shop.

“We’ve only been open three years in August so for little old Gore I think it’s a pretty big achievement,” Mrs McLean said.

Customers were key to the shop’s success, she said.

“Serving our local community is really important to us.

“They just keep coming back every day.”

The store had a “good bunch of staff”.

“A lot of our staff have been here since we opened.”

“It’s been a lot of hard work to be fair and it’s extremely busy and no down time on.”

The information from monthly audits was used to choose the different category winners.

The franchise is owned by Lyn and Alwyn Walter, of Maitland.

Mr Walter said staff members had different responsibilities to ensure it ran well.

“It is a team effort,” Mr Walter said.

“They’ve done very well.”

Every morning Mike Smith, of Gore, calls into the shop about 7am for his morning coffee.

“The service is outstanding,” Mr Smith said.

“[The staff] always have a smile on their face.”latest Nike SneakersSneakers