Voices of angels ... St Mary's School choir recoring the chorus of Pray for The Love.

The sweet sound of St Mary’s School pupils past and present will be heard singing in Los Angles at a fundraising concert for the victims of the Christchurch shooting.

The school choir will sing the pre-recorded chorus of Pray for the Love, a song former pupil Jackie Bristow will perform at the concert in Los Angeles on April 18.

The choir recorded its contribution to the performance at Robert (Caveman) McKenzie’s studio on Thursday.

The You Are Us/Aroha Nui concert is one of a series planned by New Zealand promoter Brent Eccles.

Concerts will be held in Auckland on April 13 and Christchurch on April 17.

Bristow, now based in Nashville, said she was looking forward to the event.

“It is really special to be part of it,” Bristow said.

She had never expected a tragedy like the Christchurch shootings could happen.

“It was shocking.

“Honestly I thought New Zealand was the one place in the world you could feel safe from crazy people with guns and shootings.

“I think for all Kiwis it was heartbreaking and shocking and very sad,” Bristow said.

She was very impressed with the way Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and New Zealanders had responded to the tragedy.

“She is a compassionate, powerful world leader and setting an example to the world and people in the USA,” Bristow said.

“Also watching all the love and unity in New Zealand has been beautiful and very moving. Makes me even prouder to be a Kiwi.”

There was a large community of expatriates in Los Angeles and New York, Bristow said.

Music manager for the Los Angeles event Michelle Bakker suggested Pray for the Love was a good song for the concert.

“It’s about love and the message of love.”

Bristow had involved St Mary’s pupils in some of her concerts in Gore in the past.

“As a long shot I messaged [St Mary’s teacher] Mallory Hood to see [if she] thought we could make it work,” she said.

“Mallory is just fantastic and had the kids rehearsing the song within a day and organised for them to get recorded at Gore’s local radio station.

“I am excited to have a choir of children singing on my song, and it’s sweeter because they are kids from NZ and from my hometown Gore – and actually the same primary school I went to and where I got my start to music.”

Ms Hood said the pupils were very keen to be involved in the fundraiser.

“They’re quite keen to do their bit to help.”

The group comprised about 50 year 4 to 6 children.

“They feel like they know a famous person, which is pretty cool.

“They’re really excited.”affiliate tracking urlNike Shoes