Ticked off...Gore man Rod Bell is annoyed to find four piles of dumped green waste on the banks of the Mataura River at Walnut Grove in the past two weeks including this pile of branches when he has been walking with Poppet the dog. PHOTO: SANDY EGGLESTON

For the price of a cup of coffee, an “eyesore” dumped at Gore’s Walnut Grove could be left at the correct place, a Gore man says.

The grove in East Gore is formally known as the Woolwich St walnut plantation and is under Gore District Council jurisdiction.

Rod Bell regularly walks his two dogs at the grove and has noticed over the past two weeks someone has dumped green waste there, including tree prunings, weeds and branches.

Mr Bell said it was “annoying” people were choosing to dump the green waste at the grove and not at the district council’s transfer station.

“Not only does this create an eyesore in an otherwise pleasant environment, it becomes an obstacle for the mowing contractors to go around, or possibly over if they wish to gamble at damaging their equipment,” Mr Bell said.

He had discovered four piles of the waste.

“I suspect it’s the same person, because the loads are similar in content, similar in size, which indicates either the same size trailer or the same size boot or the same size ute.”

The Gore District Council was investing money in maintaining the reserve for people to use, he said.

“Then you’ve got the other people who come along and wreck it.”

Earlier this year Mr Bell approached The Ensign with his concerns about off-road racers who were ripping up sections of the grove but did not think they were to blame this time.

“I suspect it is not a member of our younger boy racer set, as experience shows they don’t really go in for home maintenance/section tidying … that is normally the realm of a more mature resident.

“Either way poor community spirit, all for the saving of the price of a coffee to dispose of legally.”

He had taken a load of green waste to the transfer station recently and it had cost him $5.50.

“That’s a cup of coffee.”

Gore District Council parks and reserves manager Ian Soper said the council provided a place for people to legally dispose of their waste.

“Illegal dumping or fly-tipping of anything is unacceptable in any community,” Mr Soper said.

It was always disappointing to have people fly-tipping in a community space.

“It is disheartening for staff to see areas that they maintain disrespected in this way.”

Most often people that make the conscious choice to illegally fly-tip did it in quiet out- of-the-way places.

‘‘Often river reserves and bush reserves receive the lions share of this unwanted activity.

‘‘It is these areas that the council more closely monitors, now additionally with the use of covert cameras.’’

The council will prosecute offenders when caught.

‘‘This is because there is always a cost for all ratepayers to bear to clean up after the few that choose to flout the law and illegally dump their waste.’’

If anyone saw people fly tipping they should contact the council with the date, time, description and vehicle registration of the offenders.

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