Guides get ready for 60km ride


For the past five weeks, about six Girl Guides have been training for a cycle camp at the end of September.
Eight members of the Gore group, along with Girl Guides from Windsor in Invercargill, plan to cycle more than 60km from Lumsden to Kingston in two days, with a stop-over in Athol.
Windsor Guides leader Darren Wilson said the Girl Guides were aiming for a ‘‘Cycle South Badge’’ which required them to cycle 30km and cycle to a camp.
About 22 girls and five adults will attend the camp from September 25 to 30.
Two days of the camp will be spent cycling and the four days will involve knots and water activities such as skibiscuit, raft-building, kayaking, and making gadgets such as washing tables, clotheslines and a monkey bridge.
‘‘It looks quite exciting,’’ Mr Wilson said.
The Gore Girl Guides were invited by the Windsor Girl Guides to attend the camp.
Gore Guide Mackenzie Napier said she was looking forward to meeting the Guides from Invercargill.
‘‘I’m also looking forward to seeing if I can accomplish a challenge I have been set.’’
Gore Guide Grace Churches said she was looking forward to the challenge of cycling 60km.
‘‘I’m looking forward to having some fun,’’ Grace said.Sports Shoesyeezy turtle dove description chart for girls Mid Light Smoke Grey