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Public speaking is not a worry for the newly appointed Gore District Ambassador – Gore Musical Theatre actor Tyler Dowling is well versed in appearing before crowds.

Mr Dowling (24) was persuaded to enter the competition by last year’s ambassador, Vanessa Harvey.

He believed he would have a busy year representing the Gore district which would culminate in a trip to Tamworth, Australia, early next year.

He said he had thought about entering the competition last year, but decided to wait.

“I think this year was the year for me,” Mr Dowling said.

Initially the lack of entries for the Gore ambassador competition was disappointing, he said.

“I would have liked to see what the other competitors brought to the table.”

But on reflection he viewed the lack of entrants in a philosophical way.

“Fifty-fifty odds sounded pretty good to me.”

barman-waiter at Heartland Hotel Croydon, and is well-known for his involvement in Gore Musical Theatre.

He described himself as motivated, hard-working and having a good sense of humour.

Mr Dowling was born in Blenheim and moved south to Gore with his family when he was 10.

“So I’m pretty much a true-blue Goron,” he said.

There was only one aspect of the move he was disappointed with.

“I was promised a horse if I moved down here.”

He was still waiting for the promise to be fulfilled, he said.

He was looking forward to promoting the Gore district as he believed it was a wonderful place to live.

The friendly people who lived in the district were at the top of his list of Gore’s attributes.

Supporting local business was important to Mr Dowling.

He did not not need to leave Gore to find opportunities. There were plenty in the district.

The Gore District Ambassador competition was just one of the many opportunities open to people in the district, he said.Running sneakersAir Jordan