Haunting questions about ghost dentist


In no way do I wish to cast doubt upon the veracity of the story (The Ensign, July 5) about James Andrew Brown, the ghost of dentists past, condemned to wander the halls of H&J Smiths.

I just have some questions to ask on this very important matter.

Why specifically the dentist Mr Brown?

Why not the other dentists who were associates of Mr Brown and who also practised at 121 Main St, such as Mr Torpy or Mr Domigan?

Perhaps the exorcism did not work because they were trying to evict the wrong ghost dentist!

We also need to know if it’s a single ghost, such as that of dentist Mr Brown, or if Mr Brown has gone into partnership again with his old associates, and a dental practice of ghost dentists has set up shop in H&J’s to continue terrorising the residents as they did in times past.

Also, has anyone felt the presence of any of the other ex-residents?

Perhaps the screech of a violin has been heard emanating from the ghost students of music teacher Miss Olive Steans or a sewing needle pricked some unsuspecting customer courtesy of the ghost of dressmaker Miss Delia Duggan, or someone felt their photo was being taken by the ghostly presence of studio photographer Mr William Hyne.

The Ensign needs to have one of their reporters spend the night upstairs at H&J Smiths to investigate, during a full moon of course.

Brian O’Neill

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