Health efforts recognised


Riversdale Playcentre pupils are on the right path to achieving healthy living, and have a silver Whanau Healthy Heart Foundation Award to prove it.

The Healthy Heart Award recognised the playcentre’s efforts to create a healthy early learning environment through nutrition and physical activity.

Heart Foundation nutrition adviser Jo Duffy presented the playgroup with the award late last month.

Ms Duffy said it was a “thrill” to see the sustainable practices which were established at the playgroup.

“Establishing healthy habits in the early years provides children with a strong foundation for good health and wellbeing throughout their lives.

“The playcentre has done a fantastic job so far and they are making great progress on their Healthy Heart Award journey.”

The playcentre’s commitment to promote physical activity at home, as well as at the centre, was shown last year during lockdown, when Mrs McIntyre shared regular videos online to encourage parents to be active with their children while they were home.

The playgroup continued to develop and incorporate evidence-based ideas through their practice, Ms Duffy said.

Riversdale Playcentre session facilitator Claire McIntyre said they were proud to receive the award as the group knew the importance of active movement and its impact on child development.

“It is great to have recognition for the work we’ve done.”