Henwood first choice for awards


The Gore Youth Council started planning the Gore Youth Awards at their meeting on Monday.

This year marks the fifth anniversary of the awards.

Youth council co-ordinator Nicole Parry said the council had picked a date and started to think about booking a guest speaker.

The awards will be held on December 9.

A guest speaker was chosen by the youth council each year. Last year, comedian Te Radar spoke at the awards, Miss Parry said.

“The council discuss who they would like to speak and then they take a vote.”

Three prospects were chosen by the council, Miss Parry said.

“Their first choice is Dai Henwood, but if we can’t get him due to availability or cost, their second pick was Jono and Ben and their third choice was Jack Tame, from the Breakfast TV show.”

Because the youth council had been organising the awards for a few years now, it had become easier, Miss Parry said.

“Because it has been done before, we have a formula to follow.”

The council would continue planning the youth awards during the next couple of months, Miss Parry said.

Because the guest speakers are all high profile media personalities with busy schedules, the youth council wanted to book them early, she said.

“It pays to get on to them early.”

The next step for the council is to pick a theme.

“Last year, the theme was rural city living and the year before it was a bit more formal with a cocktail theme, so it will be interesting to see what they come up with this year.”Authentic Nike SneakersMen’s shoes