Homesick minister returning to Canada


The Rev Dr John Mathew will conduct his last service at St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church on Sunday.
The Canadian minister and his wife, Joyann, will return home to Toronto next month after serving in the parish for 16 months.
While the couple had intended spending two to three years in Gore, they were homesick.
“We have only one son [in Canada], no family here,” Dr Mathew said.
At their time of life, the couple preferred to be closer to family.
“At our vintage we need to take care of ourselves – it’s a little selfish.”
Compared with Canada, New Zealand was isolated.
“We feel cut off from Joyann’s family in Singapore and my family in the [United] States and India.”
They had enjoyed their time in Gore.
“Of course I’m happy here – you take your happiness with you wherever you go.”
Highlights of their stay included celebrating Norman Dickie’s 100th birthday and fishing the Mataura River with Bill Crawford and Robin McCann.
The best day was spent working with Dorothy, Tom and Chris Affleck on their farm near Waikaka, Dr Mathew said.
Dr Mathew, in his 70s, was retired but would teach at Laurentian University on his return.
Church elder Bill Christie said church members would be sad to see the couple go.
“John and Joyann have been much loved in the church.
“The people have been overjoyed to have them.”Running Sneakersスニーカーの検索一覧【新着順】