Hospital tightens defence

Precautions... Gore Health quality improvement manager Glenda Maxwell stands at the main entrance of Gore Hospital which is the only way in and out. PHOTO: SANDY EGGLESTON

Gore Hospital is introducing new measures to help stamp out the chance of the Covid-19 virus spreading in the community.

Gore Health quality improvement manager Glenda Maxwell said there was now only one available entrance to the hospital, which was the main one at the front.

“All visitors to the hospital are being screened for Covid-19 and asked to complete a questionnaire,” Mrs Maxwell said.

Visiting hours at the hospital had been changed to 2pm-4pm and from 6pm-7pm.

“Two visitors per patient in the ward and only one nominated visitor for maternity.”

When people enter and exit the hospital they are required to use hand gel.

The measures which had been put in place by the hospital and many groups in the community were about protecting people, she said.

“In the moment we are still in the ‘stamp it out’ phase.

“It will make a difference to the number of people that could potentially be affected and will allow the health system to be working with those who need the services required.”

The key messages to keeping well were good handwashing and cough etiquette.

“If you are sick stay away from work.”

If people were asked to self-isolate they should make sure they did so.

“It’s about protecting our community.”

People should not visit anyone who was unwell.

However, it was important people kept in touch with each other, albeit from a safe distance.

“It’s really important we are talking over the fence, ringing, contacting our neighbours so people feel supported.”

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