Ice a big danger, drivers warned


Gore police are asking road users to drive to the conditions and slow down.

“There is plenty of black ice out,” Sergeant Greg Ballantyne said.

“People need to remember that just because the sun is out does not mean the black ice is gone.”

It was still prevalent between temperatures of 2degC and 4degC, he said.

“This is the worst time of year for black ice.”

Wornall Panelbeating Gore owner Ben Wornall said this month had been busy for him.

“It’s probably the iciest I’ve seen in a long time,” he said.

“Drive to the conditions, listen to the media and police. If they say don’t go out, don’t go out. It is not worth the risk.”

Sgt Ballantyne said ice was a factor in a lot of crashes last weekend.

On Friday, a 24-year-old American tourist was travelling at a speed of 30kmh between Tokanui and Fortrose about 11.30am when his vehicle hit black ice and spun.

There were no injuries and only minor damage to the vehicle.

The driver was not charged.

“On July 7 [Friday] two vehicles crashed in almost the exact same spot on Monaghan Rd and ended up off the road,” Sgt Ballantyne said.

“There were no injuries but weather conditions were a factor,” he said.

Sgt Ballantyne said on Saturday a vehicle driven by a 50-year-old Riversdale man crashed outside the town’s police station in Lincoln St.

“There were no injuries and once again, ice was a factor.”

At 10.45am on Saturday a 67-year-old Pukerau man travelling to Gore on State Highway 1 lost control of his vehicle on a shaded piece of road.

The vehicle ended up on a bank. The man was not injured.short url linkjordan Release Dates