Information kiosk unveiled


In 2007 the small community of Brydone lost its primary school, a focal point for the community, and since then residents have strived to maintain community links.

Part of this has been installing an information kiosk in front of the Brydone hall, a project that came to fruition when the kiosk was unveiled on Wednesday.

Brydone Committee chairman and kiosk information board writer Keith Norman said that before the kiosk project, the focus had been on renovating the hall.

“We wanted to renovate it so we had a place to meet. We have been fixing it over the last 20 years. We renewed the windows, sanded and varnished the floor to a really high standard and it has all been done by community members.

“We began the plans for the kiosk five years ago. We were meaning to do it 20 years ago, but our first priority was the hall. Now the kiosk is done – it’s a finished package,” he said.

The current committee completed the task in a couple of months after receiving a loan from Heritage New Zealand and the Southland District Council.

The new kiosk had already attracted attention and he had seen “a good number of people stopping and having a look at it”.

The kiosk includes images of the first 50 years of the Brydone hall’s history.

“It is pictures of Brydone’s history with a brief summary underneath.

“I got the information from the Brydone book, which was written by a Doug Wing.”

Brydone Committee member and chief organiser Linda Mikkelsen said building the kiosk had been a long process.

Big moment… Brydone Committee life member Peter Johnstone unveils the new kiosk on Wednesday. PHOTOS: LUCY MCDONOUGH

“After years of talking about it, Brydone finally has a kiosk and flagpole,” Mrs Mikkelsen said.

Without the help of the community the kiosk would have never been completed, she said.

“A big thanks to everybody who was involved.

“We are pretty close to having the hall in perfect condition now.”

The community was now focused on installing new heating in the hall and ensuring electrical work was up to standard.

The Brydone hall can be rented for functions.Sports ShoesNike