Day shift. . . Helping with the set-up at the new library at Jacob St was (from left) Tania Ravenwood, Penelope Perry, Megan Tredwell, Lorraine Weston-Webb and Teresa Blackbeard last week. PHOTO: VALU MAKA

The Gore District Library will be back in action next Thursday.

Library manager Lorraine Weston-Webb said the process to temporarily shift the library from the James Cumming Wing to the Encountering New church building in Jacob St was going well.

Team members asked the public to remain patient as they continued to assemble the library, Ms Weston-Webb said.

“It may look like there are books on the shelves, but we are still not set up to function.”

Plans for shifting the new library were put into action last week.

“We’ve been able to unload about 400 boxes.”

The team had constructed most of the shelves and begun arranging the books, she said.

“Now it is about getting everything fine-tuned, so it’s safe.”

She acknowledged the church for its support in leasing the building.

Encounter New Life elder Russell Fredric said Ms Weston-Webb and the team were great to work with.

“We have really appreciated the consideration and co-operation which has been shown towards us,” he said.

“Nothing has been a problem.”

Sunday services would be held in the cafe and the Encounter Art Hub would continue upstairs, he said.